Dairy Free Pizza – My Favorite Cheese Alternative

When I first met my wife, my plan was to woo her with food. I was going to be that cool guy who would cook for her. Then I found out that she had a nasty food allergy. To what? Dairy. She can’t eat cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, you know, any of the good stuff. At first, I panicked. My plan to woo through cooking seemed a distant possibility in the face of this new development! What we found, though, is there are a lot of manufacturers out there making products specifically for the lactose intolerant – and we tried them all! The cheeses, especially, were tough to find one that accurately replaced the real thing. After years of sampling, we would like to submit to you our favorite cheese replacement for pizza and all other Italian cooking: Lisanatti Mozzarella Style Almond Cheese. It melts well, doesn’t give off too much liquid, and even kind of looks like normal cheese! My wife swears she can’t even tell the difference (although I have to admit I can – if you can eat real cheese, please do!).

Below you can check out a recent, 100% dairy free pie that she enjoyed. I believe this one dissapeared in twenty minutes flat!




Hope this tip helps you lactose intolerant folks out there to rediscover the joy of pizza. I know for sure that when I open my restaurant, every item on the menu will be available in dairy/non-dairy versions using this brand of cheese.   It’s great!

Oh, and this crust was made by following my how-to video.



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  1. I love you so much! Your blog tickles me pink and makes me giggle. I’m so proud of you! Great work!

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