Helpful Pizza Dough Spreading and Tossing Videos

I’ve had a couple people ask me for tips on how to properly spread and toss their pizza dough. I always try to explain, but words only go so far. In response to the inadequacy of words, I’ve collected a few videos I think could help be helpful. Check them out and let me know if they help! I know I picked up a tip or two from these guys.


This first video demonstrates how to easily stretch your dough to your desired thickness. It’s nice because he demonstrates two techniques, giving you the option to toss your pie in the air or just do it all on the counter.

This video rocks because he covers stretching on the table, using a peel, as well as rolling dough for thick and thin crusts.

This video concentrates entirely on tossing, but covers it very thoroughly!

This one is cool because it comes from the California Culinary Academy. It’s super instructional and is complete with a dorky soundtrack!

And of course, what would a post about video be without my OWN instructional video. Ok, it doesn’t talk about HOW to toss dough, but it does involve tossing 🙂 It walks you through making the dough, toping the pizza, and cooking it up.


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  1. […] 8. Place the ball of dough directly into a large mixing bowl or lipped tray full of regular AP flour and coat the whole outside of the ball with a light coating of flour. It’s ok if it seems like a lot of flour, it’s mostly going to come off when you start to toss it around In fact, while the ball is in the flour, go ahead and start flattening it into a pancake sized disc. You need to finese this, because what you are wanting to do is not pop all the bubbles in the dough, but reather spread them to the outter edges of it so they form your crust. Starting at the center, slowly massage your dough down to somewhat of a flat shape. Now you are ready to spread your dough. Instead of trying to describe it, why not just watch video lessons on it here? […]

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