Pizza Schools in the US and Abroad – How Did I Not Know About This???

Tony Gemignani’s International School of Pizza, San Francisco, California

Nonprofessional/Home Chef Courses
Students ages 18 and over will be able to participate in a 2 day course at our pizza school from 10am – 2pm specializing in any of the categories below:

  • Classic Italian Style
  • Neapolitan Style
  • Teglia – Pan / Sicilian Style
  • New York Style
  • Chicago Style
  • California Style

These short home chef courses will be open to anyone who would like to learn how to make authentic style pizza at home. Students will get into groups and make dough and sauce from scratch, learn how to toss and make great pizzas. Students will also learn pushing techniques and proper pizza transfer onto pizza stones into home ovens. We will be using several types of pizza ovens in this course. Wood Fired, Electric, Gas, and including one that is similar to an home oven.

Courses will be available quarterly starting in the summer of 2009.
Courses range from $400 – $500 each (Maximum 15 students per quarter)

Starting Summer of 2009. Email for more details.

Pizzaware® On-Line Pizza School

Begin creating thin-crust, classic, rustica and deep-dish pizzas, calzones, focaccias, crostinis, quiche, pies, layer cakes and more. This step-by-step guide includes basic recipes, dough forming & baking tips for a variety of bakegood styles.

Kitchen on Fire, Berkeley, California

About $65 a person for a 3 hour pizza class.

There’s nothing quite like the the flavor & texture of well made fresh pizza. Whether thin crust or Chicago style, vegetarian or meat lovers, eating the perfect pie can be life changing experience. Recreating restaurant quality at home as alluded many a cook. There is a bit of art & science to making, rolling out & cooking these icons of American cuisine the right way, without fuss, every time. In this extravaganza of hands-on cooking fun, we’ll demystify the art of making perfect pizza crusts & fantastic topping combinations that will wow even the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Executive Chef MikeC. From growing up in the wine country of Western New York to living to the fullest in Berkeley, Chef MikeC. slices and dices his way into your kitchen. By the ripe old age of four, he was already in the kitchen practicing his brand of food alchemy. Through the mentorship of his parents, he learned the finer aspects of organic gardening, simplified cuisine, and home entertaining for all occasions. As he soon discovered, MikeC.’s creative and quick mind was always in search of culinary knowledge. By the end of high school, MikeC. had found his mission in life; to teach the world how to come back to the table with friends, family and food. MikeC.’s quest has been a breathtaking adventure of food, folks, and fun. He has worked in the restaurant world, and a variety of other areas, but the food industry has always been foremost in his interests. Since arriving in California, he has owned two catering businesses, directed two cooking schools and has been teaching cooking professionally for over eight years. In his free time, he enjoys sharing his vast entertaining skills with family and friends. With a philosophy of fantastic food, people, music, and exhilarating places — isn’t that what life is all about!? Come on down and join Kitchen on Fire® and reap the benefits of his training and consummate skills., Italy

We offer professional training on:

  • Ingredients for pizza: flour, yeast, water and salt.
  • Mixtures and tools: fermentation, paste rising and maturation.
  • Pizza’s little balls: how to prepare and conserve them.
  • Pizza’s stuffing: tomatoes, chese, mozzarellas, oil, sweet and salty cremes, sausages, fruits and vegetables.
  • Spices and aromes: how to use them.
  • Pizza’s preparation methods.
  • Spectacular pizza’s preparation.
  • Pizza’s backing: ovens, combustible materials, equipment for ovens.
  • Pizza restaurant’s management.
  • Pizza restaurant’s marketing and image.
  • Hygiene and goods.
  • Shopfitting, fixtures and accessories.
  • Pizza maker’s image.

Pizza Making Course, Campania, Sorrento, Italy

School overview

This friendly, family run Italian cooking school in Sorrento focuses on simple healthy Italian food and uses fresh organically grown produce from their own gardens, you can even specialise in making the Italian classics of pizza, pasta and gelato

Included in price

  • 5 day Neapolitan pizza making course
  • 3 hours of pizza making tuition each day for 5 days
  • Lesson times vary and will be confirmed on arrival
  • All pizza making ingredients
  • Your own souvenir apron
  • A recipe book

Course start days

This course starts on

Optional accommodation available

This school also offers the following accommodation options. You will be able to book accommodation as shown below during the booking process.


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